Hot stone foot massage is a marvelous mix of eastern and present day massage systems made to endow a unique experience of relaxation while profiting the individual with its remedial capacities. It has gained immense popularity in these years basically on the grounds that nowadays stress and strains have overtaken everything else and the best way to loosen up is by getting such massages. The hot stone foot relaxed generally occurs in a private room where an expert advisor does the massage. The massage is done in an individual room and the specialist uses hot stone treatment for the same. The stone will be placed on the skin according to the necessities or the sickness of the person.

HOT STONE FOOT MASSAGE: Hot stone foot massages uses similar basalt stone and procedures as a general hot stone massage. The warmth of the stones is said to be extremely relaxing, and it enhances blood circulation in people’s feet and legs. The stones used for this massage are lightweight and smooth which makes the entire experience extremely relaxing. They help in hoisting the experience and advantages of the massage. The hot stone foot massage, in particular, is very popular.

The heat of the stones is therapeutic and helps in curing many diseases too. The hot stone foot relaxed increases circulation and blood flow in one’s feet and body. It eliminates toxins from a person’s body. This massage therapy is also known for relaxing specific muscles.

Shiatsu massage is a kind of acupressure.  It harmonizes the chi and can treat an assortment of pain and issues from numbness and pain to hormonal imbalances and sleep disorders when done effectively.

Sen Foot Massage is one of the most professional and licensed massage therapists in Houston. They provide hot stone foot relaxed and shiatsu massage to their clients


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