Foot massage has been utilized for many years everywhere throughout the world. It’s a natural way to ease the pressure and aching of the feet. Many individuals feel that via foot massage, the nerve endings on the foot’s sole are stimulated and this would then create benefits for the malfunctioning organ.

foot massage

Procedure of foot massage

  • Foot massage starts with a foot bath. Herbs or fragrances are then mixed into the soaking solution, both to make the skin softer and to unwind the foot muscles.
  • A solution is then applied to the feet to lubricate them and make it easier for the masseur to perform the foot massage. The masseur continues to apply different strokes and pressures to the various points on the soles, making the foot massage an unforgettable experience.

It is believed that if people are in good health, then they should not feel any kind of pain when pressure is applied anywhere on the sole. If pain is experienced during the foot massage, the person may have an undiagnosed illness or some other medical condition that needs to be treated immediately.

Foot massage benefits are best received when a professional massage therapist performs the massage. Very frequently, it’s unrealistic to get this sort of back rub all the time. There is another approach to get foot massage benefits without visiting a professional therapist. Below are few benefits:

  • It grants complete relaxation by relieving stress and depression from one’s mind and body.
  • It cures insomnia patients and helps to overcome uneasy sleeping patterns.
  • It enhances the blood circulation by regulating the blood flow and even controls hypertension.

Sen Foot Massage is situated in Houston. They provide a wide range of quality massage therapies, for example, foot massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, shiatsu massage, and more. They include a group of professional therapists who are skilled in performing all aspects of an effective massage treatment. They specialize in providing regular sessions with proper care and attention in order to meet their client’s expectations. Contact them today to avail their services.


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